Counting Down

If you haven’t already noticed, posts are getting further apart these days.  “The trip” is fast approaching and so much is going on.  Been doing extra typing work for my freelance account, so my fingers are pretty tired.  Trying to figure out how to get nearly a month’s worth of living stuff in a backpack that will be carried on a flight.  Luckily, my trip to Spain in 2007 gave me a huge edge on that.  I actually love packing for a trip and every time I go somewhere, I bless the inventor of the Zipl0c bag!

I’m very grateful that we will be flying west this time.  I have a dear friend whose planned trip to Italy got canceled because of planetary unrest.  Luckily his cruise line gave them a full-fare refund that he can use within the year.

The garden is bursting out of its seams.  We’ve had a lovely spring, no real extremes of temperatures, so the flowers are lovely.  Paying for it in pollen, but still enjoying the view when I can see out of my watery, itchy eyes 😉

I’m down about 9 pounds.  Not the 15 I wanted, but I can definitely notice some changes.  And I’m not screaming on those last sets during my Gilad work outs, so that’s got to be progress, right?  Yes, I still use my little shake weight, too.

G is house/cat sitting for friends who are on their way to Tahiti and I’m thinking it’s funny that we will all be in the same general area (south Pacific, yes, I know it’s a BIG area!). We’re both trying to earn a little extra $$ and the finance gods actually smiled on me this time, since April is a month in which I get paid 3 times instead of the usual 2, and I get paid the day before we leave, so I’ll have that extra money to play with.  That so rarely happens.

I thought I had some more to say, but my shoulders are screaming at me to go upstairs and relax, plus I have more things to put in Zipl0c bags, so I’m going to listen.

Counting the days…


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