Elusive Sleep

The bottom line is this:  It is simply impossible for me to sleep well with anyone else in the bed with me.  I always had my own room and my own bed, so maybe I got spoiled early on, but  I never slept much with 1st husband (not to mention becoming a first-time mom, which obliterates sleep completely for years), never slept well with 2nd husband (a huge part of which was an immense, sloshing water bed that he refused to give up, despite the fact that after the first year of our marriage, he slept sitting up in a recliner in the living room), and I don’t sleep well with G in the bed (despite having a wonderful, big, firm, king-sized bed).

Since G will be taking care of a very high-maintenance cat until we leave, I will have an opportunity to catch up on real sleep.  A normal night for me is falling asleep around 11 pm with G reading on the other side of the bed.  She has this demonic little reading light that’s supposed to be less than a lamp, but in reality is like a focused laser beacon in the dark.  Impossible to sleep while it’s on, but I fall back on my padded eye shades (must not forget to pack them).  Then I wake up about 2 to 3 hours later, usually with G still reading, or she’s gone to the computer or she’s watching TV and the flickering light from the other room has woken me up.

Then I’ll get up and pee, go back to bed and make sure the door is closed against the TV and usually fall back asleep.  Only to be awakened at around 3:30 (my deepest sleep time) by Peaches who I forgot was in the bedroom now wanting out so she can go lie with G who has fallen asleep either on the floor or the couch.  Once I let her out, I have to pee again and forget going back to sleep then.  If I wake up after 3:30, I’m up.  I may lie in the bed till 6 am, but I’ll be awake.  That’s how my nights go say 4 to 5 nights out of 7.

For the last 2 nights, with G at the other house, I have laid down in bed at about 10:30, with Peaches in her doggie bed on the bed, turned out the light by 11 pm and not MOVED till waking up naturally at 5 a.m.  I can tell by the covers that I’ve barely even turned over during the night.  Peaches hasn’t even got out of her warm little ball to try to get under the covers.

THAT is good sleep.  I am very grateful to be able to “stock up” on sleep before we leave because I know I probably won’t sleep much at all for the next 3 weeks.

You take it when you can, right?

Sleepy GG


4 thoughts on “Elusive Sleep

  1. So many things must be just so for me to sleep well.
    1. No caffeine after 10am (this includes “decaf”)
    2. Dark. A light flicked on in the hall makes me shoot up like a rocket
    3. Background noise – a fan is best
    4. Ample space in the bed (Sara fortunately is fine with her third of the bed)
    5. Coolness (see #3)
    6. No reading/TV in the bed for more than a few minutes (creates a pattern of being awake in the place I am suppose to sleep)
    7. Synchronized bedtimes (There is no point in my getting in bed early if Sara isn’t going to bed too…I just wait for her to come to bed then wait for her to go to sleep)
    8. Don’t look at the clock until the alarm goes off… once I do, I starting computing time remaining in bed, wondering how much time is past etc.

    Until I shared a bed with Sara I had NEVER been asleep when someone else in the room was awake. Ever. Fortunately, she is a terrific sleeper and can easily accommodate the things that help me be a good sleeper too. Its no easy task!

  2. Glad I am not the only one. I like a fan, too, and must have some kind of air moving around pretty much all the time unless it’s very cold. The reversible window fans in the summer are great!

    Oh, and NEVER, EVER a TV in the bedroom. That is just a huge no-no!


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