The kids (and half the grandkids) came over the other day to pick up something or other (I can’t remember), and of course the boys realized it was time to do one of their favorite things at grammas’–get measured!  We moved into this house when GS1 was 2 and GS2 was only 6 months old, so this house has been their solid and stable place their whole lives.  Due to much chaos and other stuff, their early lives were not the stuff of fairy tales.  But grammas were always there and so was this rock-solid house and yard (when they got too fidgety in past days, we’d send them out to race each other around the house 5 or 6 times.  That usually did the trick.)

Early on, our kitchen door jamb became our growing yard stick.  It’s still amazing to see how these kids grow:

You can see our first measure with GS 2 at age 2 in 2004, then nothing for a couple of years and now it’s a fairly regular occurrence (maybe twice a year).  I make them wait because they’d do it every time they came over, but it’s more fun to see some “progress”.  I’ve got pink and green markers for the other 2 “grands” but haven’t had them long enough to get them on the board.  When I do, I’ll put up another post.

We have talked about taking out the wall between the kitchen and living room, making it 1 big room, with a more modern feel, but if we do, that piece of the house will be put up somewhere for keeps.  This house will always be a safe haven for the kids.



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