Sunny, With a Chance for Love

A while back, I wrote about my once-upon-a-time dog that died and broke my heart. Yesterday, G took Peaches for a walk while I was working.  A bit later, she came downstairs sort of agitated, and asked me what the number was for the police.  I was thinking we were having some more druggies out in the street, and asked her what was up. Apparently, as she was crossing the street 2 blocks over from our house, which is actually an exit off the highway, a stray dog was running around, looking lost, and G, not able to bear the thought of it being injured or missing from its owner had 1) first tried to find an owner within the surrounding blocks, and 2) brought the dog (puppy really) home and put her in the yard until we could call the pound.  She was agitated because I had told her about how my X had always brought home dogs and she didn’t want me upset.  I was like, no problem, you’re calling the pound and I don’t want the dog run over, either.  It’s fine.

She was still a bit shaky so I went upstairs to call and see the dog.  That was my first mistake.  I sat down on the back steps to use the phone and this warm, sleek bundle came up and just leaned on me, into me, as if she were quietly begging me to let her come into my heart.

Peaches was running around like a scalded opera singer over this “intruder”, but this dog, though very young (probably just 6 months) was calm, quiet and seemed to be an old soul.

There was no barking or whining, just a “presence”.  Still, I called the pound, described what had happened, and they said someone would be out shortly.  There began approximately 3 hours of angst.  I went back downstairs to work, but shortly had to come back up and look at the dog.

She was checking out the yard.

Peaches was still all a-twitter but she had managed to calm down unless the dog actually got within 5 feet of her.  Puppy or no, she was not the least bit aggressive towards Peaches, and even lay down on her haunches if Peaches decided to growl or yip at her.  She seemed very happy in the grass

and quietly began to take over my heart.  I kept waiting for the pound people to show up and they kept NOT showing up.  We both kept commenting on what a beautiful, well-behaved dog she was and did we really want to send her to the pound?  We had made an agreement shortly after we got together that IF we were ever to get a 2nd dog, that the choice would be mine.  After heading back down to the basement for another bout of work, this little inner voice continued its refrain, “This is the one, this is the one, this is the one.”  I’ve not had that response to a dog in nearly 30 years, so I decided to listen.  I went upstairs, told G to call the pound back and tell them not to come. (I guess they already knew that because they never did show up.)

So, we are now the proud and happy owners (or will be once the 30-day waiting period is up) of “Sunny” so-named somewhat because of her color but more because of her disposition.  Since we did call the pound and report her loose, they have to put her on a lost and found list for 30 days.  If someone does claim her, I will be very sad, but we are going ahead with getting her spayed, and already went and got her food bowls and 2 beds, as she kept trying to fit herself into Peaches’ beds, which didn’t work at all.

She’s gotten the hang of the steps and the dog door (with the help of chicken incentive),

and we got her a leash and harness today, too, and got her walking around the park.  She wasn’t 100% about the walking on the leash thing, but all things considered, she did really well.  She is understanding “sit” and “stay” already, knows where she’s supposed to lie in the house and in the bedroom, and probably later today, I’ll introduce her to the basement.  However, she’s made it pretty clear that she really prefers to be outdoors.  Oh, and she appears to be completely housebroken and has yet to make any noise.

She’s a beautiful little girl, with amazing eyes, and I am already attached.  We left her in the yard yesterday while we went to a potluck picnic at another couple’s house and when we got back, she was beside herself to see us again–as if we had had her for years already.  I feel completely smitten, even though I know that she could well become more attached to G, just because G has more time to spend around her on a daily basis.  But it’s okay.  I made the decision to keep her and that is fine with me.

Welcome home, Sunny, we’re glad to have you!

Back in the dog house,



8 thoughts on “Sunny, With a Chance for Love

  1. She is beautiful! And sounds so even tempered. They can be very hard to resist. How is Peaches handling the addition to the household?

  2. Peaches has her moments, but she seems to be adjusting. We got Sunny her own bed (s) yesterday, so that helped, as she was always wanting to lie in Peaches’ bed and that would not DO! 😉

  3. I think there are animals that were meant to come into our lives. At this moment there is a ten-week old kitten sleeping beside my computer. I found her under a bush at the day care where I work. The minute I held her, I knew she was mine.

  4. This makes me so happy! Sunny sounds like a dream dog. She might prefer being outdoors, but if she has bonded with you it may be that she will want to hang out in your workspace during the day. That’s how my girls are. Their comfort zone seems to be wherever I am.

    Having lots of experience introducing a new dog to the family of dogs (which at times has either been 1 or 2), I can tell you that the spats and nerves of the early days do not last…more than likely the pack mentality will take over and Peaches will soon accept–or merely accomodate Sunny’s presence. Dogs are amazingly adaptable.

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