Moving On

We called the pound and they came and picked up Sunny yesterday.  I put her in the truck myself.  It was very sad and afterwards, G and I stood in the yard and wept.  But even through the sadness a great weight was lifted off me.  I want to thank all of the blog readers who commented, especially the very wise Ms. Chicu, who wrote

“I am the person who will not play with or feed a stray puppy because I know I cannot afford to let a life become dependent on me, because at this point I am not able to give care. This is considered hard-hearted by many, as your decision about Sunny seems to you. But is it callous to be responsible enough to accept your shortcomings, or is it callous to allow something to lose its heart to you despite the outcome?”

These words rang so true to my heart.  Sometimes doing the right thing does feel and appear “hard-hearted” but in the end, sometimes one must trust that the Universe knows what is best and our gauge of that is whether or not our insides are tied in knots.  I am very sad that I had to turn Sunny away, yet all the inner knots are slowly unwinding.

This morning, I took Peaches for a good long walk as the sun rose.  Then I came home and made banana bread for the boys because they were coming over today.  G is house/cat sitting this week and the break from each other in the evenings is good.  Quiet in the house and the bed, allowing me to just BE.

The boys were good today.  I figured out how to make the Wii/Netflix disk work on the TV.  We played Wii and I took GS2 to an appointment with his new dentist and boy, talk about a 180-degree turn.  He even told me on the way there that he liked the dentist and that everyone in the office was nice.  They did a filling with a shot and he never even flinched.  I was amazed.

We ate lunch on the front porch and I got to start probably the first of talks to come about what “gay” is.  Now, I’m going to go watch the season finale of “Glee” and I promise that my next post will have some vacation pictures and NO moaning and groaning.

Thank you all so much for being my sounding board.  I love bloggers!



2 thoughts on “Moving On

  1. Can you give me a little info about the Wii/Netflix disc? We are looking into subscribing to Netflix and we have a Wii…wondering what that’s all about. If you have a little time, please email me about it. Thanks!

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