So I Lied

Apparently, my next post (this one) is NOT going to be about my vacation, but about writing and yoga.  How is that?  Well, after I wrote last night’s post, I was reading some of the blogs over to the right and came upon this, which really inspired me. So, today, which is the first day of the program I went here and signed up. I think I’ve been needing a real kick in the ass, and this woman appears to be the one to give it to me.  Yoga has been calling me back to the mat and I’ve been resisting and I need to do more with my writing than whine about myself.  I just turned in my monthly piece for OBG and doing this post, so the writing part is done.  Now, to get off the chair and on to the mat.  I won’t be doing a DVD, but I have a number of yoga sequences that I like thanks to the Yoga Journal website so it’s time to get kickin’ with one of them.

The boys called a bit ago, and while they want to come over, their mom’s friend who has been bringing them isn’t feeling well, and G is still at the other house, so I will have a day off to myself for a bit. It’s good to feel inspired again.



One thought on “So I Lied

  1. Thanks for the shout-out, GG! I have been spending some time on the Yoga Journal website. I’m thinking of doing a Craigslist ad where I barter voice lessons for yoga instruction. Hmm…

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