Day 2

I got up at a little past 5 this morning and was in the meditation room shortly thereafter.  I tried a different sequence than the one I usually do, with lots of twists of the spine.  According to yoga, keeping your spine flexible helps your digestion and help your digestion.  I’m all for both of those! I went through some old yoga magazines and read up on the anatomy of some positions that are always difficult for me.  I realized that I while I do lack the upper arm strength, I was also out of alignment, so when I tried it today, it felt better and I got a little lower in the pose.  I’ve reached a place in my practice where I no longer need to be picture perfect in order just to try a pose, but I can always reach for increments of improvement.  Just like life, right?

Speaking of which, last night, I started cleaning the office.  No, really.  I managed to get the table to the side of my desk cleaned off and the lowest shelf of the bookcase behind me, as well as putting a bunch of data CDs away in a CD holder instead of having them sprawling all over the place.  I feel quite accomplished.  I found some photos that I think I will send to my aunt–a couple of her, a couple of my uncle who passed a couple of years ago and also my cousin who passed 3 weeks later.

Later, I decided to do a little pre-sleep meditation and had an interesting experience.  If this is a little “woo-woo” for anyone, you can stop reading now.  I often work with my chakras when I meditate.  Over time, it’s become fairly easy for me to feel when my crown chakra opens, so last night I was sitting, visioning a beam of light traveling through the crown chakra all the way through the root chakra into the ground.  What’s a bit more difficult is to actually feel the root chakra opening up and reaching for the earth energy, but last night, I felt is very strongly.  In fact, even though it was a nice, cool evening and I was sitting in front of a fan, my body felt very energetically warm, nearly hot.  This was completely different from a hot flash, of which I’ve had a few.  This was energy running through me that was not OF me.  It was a very powerful moment, as if I had suddenly linked into a symphony and I was now playing an instrument or that I had started to weave a pattern that was picked up by other, unknown weavers and continued into a new and more intricate design.

However you want to explain it, it was an amazing feeling, and I felt a great burst of love for all the beings here on Earth with me.  All of them, good, bad, indifferent, troubled, ecstatic.  Everything is part of the plan and too often we are so wrapped up in what’s in front of our faces that we can’t make the step back to see the lovely tapestry that we are a part of.  How boring life would be if we all wove the same cloth, right?

Thus, I feel like the yoga and writing challenge is off to a good start.  I feel more motivated, more back to “normal”.  I’ve been doing some reading about Ayurveda and trying to eat less meat, less dairy and see how I feel.  I found this great site for spices and ordered some of the things I need and really like the products, service and the $4.00 flat shipping fee.  If you are looking for certain spices that you can’t always find in the store, AND you only want to try a small amount, this is the place.

Since I got back from Australia, my body seems to just be craving simple food.  I don’t think I’ll go completely vegetarian, but I don’t feel like I want meat even every day.  This is a big change for me.  Dairy is a bit harder, but right now with the summer heat, even cheese seems too heavy, though I like my half-and-half in my coffee.  Soy is out for me because I’m trying to stay away from everything that mimics estrogen, but I’ve discovered almond milk and that is some good stuff.  In fact, I’m drinking some iced coffee with almond milk as I write this.

It’s a quiet evening here, chez GG.  Ms. G is away cat sitting this evening, I turned off the AC and opened up the windows upstairs and reversed the fans.  I’ve run the timed water hoses around the garden (except for the very back one that split at some point today and has caused a minor sink hole in the back yard where we had the plumbing done earlier this year).  In a bit, I’ll go up to meditate a bit more then read before going to bed.  I finally feel like I’m getting back into the routine of life and it’s comforting.

It’s good to finally be home.



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