Having Tuesday on Friday Isn’t Working

Today was only the 2nd day of my work week and it was a killer.  Did I tell you I kind of got a promotion?  I’m now doing editing (“they” call it “final quality analysis”) for other MTs at my company.  This being due to much of the transcription being sent to India, although a lot is still here.  I love editing documents from the folks in India…it’s an interesting study of how we hear or don’t hear things in a native vs. a non-native language.  American MTs tend to make different mistakes.  As an amateur student of the voice and its power, this can be endlessly fascinating as a hobby, less so when you are trying to figure out exactly how a person got the phrase they typed on the page from the words that were said.  But I blogress (to quote The Tina).

Today was Friday, which in most hospitals is short for “Kick them out, NOW!” day.  Which means that everything must be done “STAT”, just like on TV.  For us, this means that all discharge summaries have to be turned around in 2 hours.  That’s 2 hours from the time the dictator hangs up the phone…NOT 2 hours from the time that you might get the document in your document queue.  By the time you actually GET the document, you might have less than an hour to do it.

Anyway, not to go into all the various intricacies of medical transcription, turnaround time, and people who’ve supposedly been doing this job for 20 years and still can’t SPELL, but let’s just say today was NOT all that fun.  And to top it off, the new and “improved” online timeclock that we’re supposed to “punch” wasn’t working.  Thankfully, I have a nice relationship with our HR person, so she agreed to put in my hours manually, which is nice because if I thought I wasn’t going to get paid for this day of aggravation, I would really be bothered.  Plus, I am really going to have to break down and get some glasses just for working on the computer.  The ones I have are fine for far vision and I take them off to read up close (yes, I’m THAT nearsighted), but they are not working so well for that middle distance.  Now I just have to scrape up $300.00 from somewhere and all will be well.

I did my yoga this morning, though, and got in a bit of sitting.  I do think that even 3 days into this practice, it helped me not go even further off the edge today, especially when my daughter called wanting to borrow money to get her car out of hock (long story).  Yes, I LOANED it to her with the stipulation that I walk her to the bank next week when her financial aid check comes in (it’s coming to MY house) and get it back that day.  One things after another after another.  But, this is life.  When the “things” stop coming, I guess it’s time to leave the old body behind and have your croaking experience into nonphysical.

I’m hoping tomorrow will be a bit slower.  Saturday is often when people catch up on old dictations, so I’ll probably have Dr. Gloom and Doom dictating all his alcohol detox reports.  Talk about depressing.  But at least I should have time to do them.

For now, it’s time for the weekly SB dinner and I am so ready.  I’d like to come home and just snuggle up with G for the night, but she’s got another pussy waiting for her out in Pueblo West.  Did I just WRITE that??? 😉  Just to show you that I haven’t totally lost my sense of humor, right?

Off I go,



One thought on “Having Tuesday on Friday Isn’t Working

  1. It sounds like things are starting to turn around for you. That’s excellent! I’m having some aggravating times right now as well. Sigh. We get through them, though.

    Carry on!

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