Words will be here and other places today.  Yoga will be catch as catch can.  G has a dentist appointment in Denver in the morning and we are taking the grandsons with us up there today.  First, we have the garage door opener guy coming because a week or so ago, a car ran into a light pole down the street which caused a transformer to blow which caused the electrical sub-station near our house to go out which caused our whole neighborhood to lose power which caused some kind of glitch in our garage-door-opener which caused it to come up which caused it to break some kind of plastic thingie off of it, so now it doesn’t work anymore, only manually.  How’s THAT for a run on, Rube Goldberg kind of sentence?  Same event also caused a huge grass fire across the highway from us, so the whole neighborhood was out in the street at 11 p.m. the night of, watching the fire department work and the police department re-route traffic down our street.

The boys are looking forward to our stay in the hotel.  We stay in the same one every time we go up there (H@mpton Inn) and they all know us by now. So, we got a suite and there’s a pool, hot tub, and tomorrow while G is in the chair I will probably take them to the Denver Aquarium or the science museum.  That will be a nice summer field trip.

Must go pack, fix breakfast, have a cup of coffee and wait for the garage door guy.  Then help the boys get packed, etc.  Going to be a busy day.


Oh, PS–Netflix/Wii rocks re: getting movies.  Now that the disk has been activated, we just went through the menu, picked out what we wanted and presto, there it was.  Who says there’s no magic in life anymore?? 😉


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