The Pendulum Swings

Finally.  Today was a great day.  At last, things are beginning to feel “normal” again, whatever that means.  We had a wonderful time in Denver with the boys.  They were thrilled with the hotel, the pool, the hot tub, the free breakfast the next day.  They were very well behaved and mannered.  And funny.  They went and got their own coloring books, crayons and reading books when we got ready to leave the house. The hotel had to give us 2 roll-away beds because apparently the pull-out couch was missing some springs.  The beds were WAY bigger than the couch would have been, so that was fine for sleeping but not so much for maneuvering around the room, but we managed.  Our suite didn’t have a balcony, though, and that was one thing I was looking forward to, but G has to go back again in July and we’re already planning to bring the boys again.  I actually played in the pool with them, in my new swim suit which I officially love. I ended up going to the T@rget down the street and buying them swim goggles which were a big hit, of course.  Yesterday, while G was in the dentist chair, I took them to the Denver Aquarium which was a lot of fun.  It’s not a really huge place, but what they have is nice.  We got to see some of the staff in scuba gear, feeding the fish, watched sharks and sawfish, sea turtles and guitar fish, and even got to touch a stingray (very slimy and the “wings” are amazingly strong).  I took a few pics with my phone, but totally forgot about bringing the camera.  But the boys loved it.  G got done fairly early, and called right as we were finishing up, so we headed back to the VA to pick her up, splurged on DQ and Bl1zzards for lunch and then headed back to Pueblo with 2 worn out boys sleeping in the back.

We got back home pooped as well and managed to get everything out of the car before we just fell onto the bed.  More conversation ensued about various things–the trip, the boys, how they’re growing, etc. One thing led to another and some afternoon delight ensued.  Later, this led to a longer conversation about our intimate life.  Over the last few months, G has become totally addicted to F@cebook and F@armville.  No, I WON’T give you her ID so you can friend her! 😉  Actually, this is really fine with me, because I have gotten such pleasure out of my online community and she is finally understanding how you really can feel strong friendships with people you’ve never met.  However, the farm thing is really beyond me.  She’s always in there planting and plowing and harvesting.  She’s been playing with her son and her grandkids in NY state that she doesn’t get to see much, so I understand that.  But, really–getting up in the middle of the night to “harvest” crops??  Please.  I told her back in the winter that once she planted the REAL garden, she was going to be ticked off when the tomatoes didn’t get ripe in 4 hours!!

Anyway, long story short, our evenings had sort of fallen into a pattern of dinner of some kind, a few minutes of TV/conversation and then she was off to “farm” and I either watched more TV, came down here to the blog, did yoga or whatever.  Then, when it was time for me to hit the sack, I just wanted to read my book and go to sleep (which is hard enough on a good day).  If she came into the room at all before I fell asleep, she’d be wanting to get all mushy, and with her in the other room all night, the thought hadn’t much crossed my mind.  I mean, while my job isn’t physically taxing, it is mentally very draining.  Sometimes all I want to do in the evening is stretch my back a little bit, watch something mindless and fun and go to BED.  I do not feel the least bit “cuddly”.  So, this has been another undercurrent.  The dreaded Lesbian Bed Death–was it stalking us after all?

Yesterday afternoon’s encounter prompted me to say that I really thought that if we could use our afternoons more “romantically” it might suit both of us better.  Due to PTSD issues, G is easier with intimacy in the daylight, and when I come up from work, lying down is really all I want to do for an hour or so.  My brain is just wrung out.  So, we tried again today.  Amazing.  Suddenly, we were both in better moods, I was planning on cooking dinner, doing yoga (which I did after we ate), we took a drive to pick up a quilt that she had sent out to have done, took GS2’s bike over to him after getting it repaired, went for a cup of coffee, came home, picked the last of the strawberries together.  Then I made dinner and G wanted to learn a bit more about the Ayurvedic diet that I’m trying to follow.  So, we went online to do a dosha test for her, and a lot of the GERD troubles she’s been having suddenly made a world of sense.  Of course, for her type, caffeine, alcohol and red meat are totally aggravating, and what does she adore?  Coffee, beer and steak, naturally!  But she’s been so miserable lately that she agreed to at least start trying.  The challenge will be trying to cook for 2 different doshas, but that’s a challenge I don’t mind.  If any of you readers happen to be into Ayurveda, please feel free to give me hints on Pitta and Kapha!

The bottom line is–we feel reconnected and oddly rejuvenated.  I know, I know, a lot of you are out there smirking saying, well, duh, that’s what good lovin’ does.  But it’s more than that.  Part of it was getting our “stuff” on the table, part of it was each of us being able to speak and be heard, and yeah, part of it got worked off in the bedroom.  However, it happened, it’s a great feeling and good to be back on track with each other.  Tomorrow is going to be a killer day at work because I think I’ll be the only supervisor online to manage all the Friday insanity, but you know what?  I don’t care.  All I can do is one report at a time and encourage people via IM.  If they aren’t there working, there’s not a damn thing I can do about it.  I’ll work my shift, then go upstairs and spend another lovely afternoon with my wife.

What could be better?

Life is good.



3 thoughts on “The Pendulum Swings

  1. Yay for you! And I mean both of you… 🙂

    I love the afternoon for that; it’s when my metabolism and mood coincide. It’s not T’s favorite time, but she humors me occasionally.

    Thanks for sharing the happy!

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