The Coolest Thing!

Yesterday, our friend P came over to visit.  She gets her hair cut just a couple of blocks from our house and usually stops by after she’s all done. P is a very interesting woman.  She’s recently retired, studied Shoto-kan karate for 8 years a while back and is now taking t’ai chi, swimming 2 days a week and is learning how to kayak.  We met her when she came to a Circle that we had at our house a few years ago and then we took some yoga classes that she was teaching.  She is wise and funny and quite the naturalist. Definitely an example of a Renaissance woman.

Yesterday, as usual, we offered some produce before she went home. We were out picking peas and then offered her some of the dill that seems to have popped up everywhere this year.  She started to cut some and then nearly squealed aloud in excitement.  Turns out that our dill plants are FULL of black swallowtail butterfly eggs!  How cool is that?  She showed us the tiny eggs–no bigger than specks, and said that dill and fennel are “host plants” for the butterflies.  I had seen a couple of the lovely creatures flying around recently but had no idea that they might have been laying eggs!

I am thrilled.  I’ve always loved butterflies and one of the best gifts I ever got my daughter was a “butterfly garden” when she was about 8, that was a little kit of larvae in a food medium where you could watch the caterpillars grow, turn into pupae, then watch them emerge to butterflies and then release them in the yard.  She was so taken with this, that she repeated the gift with the boys a couple of years ago and they brought the butterflies over and let them go in our yard.

So, I hope to be able to document our butterfly progress here with photos.  I am so excited!  Stay tuned for updates!!



2 thoughts on “The Coolest Thing!

  1. Here in California we get Western Tiger Swallowtails on our fennel – we discovered them years ago and since then have let the fennel take over a corner of the yard. We have half a dozen caterpillars maturing in a tank – the kids love watching the butterflies come out of their cocoons.

    I’m looking forward to see your pictures. Butterflies are one of my favorite blessings of a garden. Thanks for sharing yours. 🙂

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