Foto Friday

Someone recently reminded me that I’ve been remiss about posting garden photos. It’s true–I haven’t taken as many photos of the yard this year for a number of reasons, but herewith are some recent shots.  The garden’s “schedule” is a little bit different this year, but regardless of growth rate, it is always a lovely place:

One of the things G did this spring was to take out that trellis-like thing behind the fountain and the 2 silver lace vines that were threatening to take over the yard.  She replaced it with the smaller trellis above with a morning glory vine that is just gorgeous in the early hours.  From the back:

As usual, we have a large number of volunteers, mostly tomatoes:

These are growing amongst the bean plants and seem very happy.  Sadly, we lost one of the peach trees to the early spring peach borers, but the other one is so heavy with fruit that we’ve had to prop it up in several places:

But the end result should certainly be worth it!

In the front, G has changed out the stepping stones for a more “integrated” solution:

It’s going to look great when all 4 “spokes” are done, and there’s weed cloth underneath the mulch, so that will help keep stray weeds out.  In addition, the pepper plants are looking great!  I love all the greens in this photo.

This year, we finally learned how to grow garlic!  Only 3 big heads, but it’s a start, right?

And last but not least, as I was wandering around in the garden yesterday, I spied a hummingbird moth (also called a sphinx month).  From my wise friend Peggy, I learned that these are what tomato horn worms turn into, but I haven’t seen any damage to the tomatoes, and I think we can spare a few leaves for such an amazing looking creature:

He’s loving the bee balm–and I love the camera for getting this amazing shot!

So there ya have a brief garden update.  Ya’ll have a great weekend and get out and do some yard work! 😉



3 thoughts on “Foto Friday

  1. It all looks amazing and I am so jealous that you can grow peaches! Our spring was so cold and dark and wet that the garden never really got going. Darn it!

    Love the photos! Look at the moth with his long, long tongue hanging out!

  2. Isn’t that moth amazing? It really does flutter round like a hummingbird, and almost the same size, too!

    The peaches astounded us. The one that died had just as many and we watched the whole thing shrivel up practically overnight. It was very sad. The tree in the photo has never had fruit before, so it’s really outdoing itself this year! The peaches are small but I’m looking forward to them when they’re ripe!


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