Why I Garden

Just ran upstairs to take my mandatory break and G was outside working on the paths in the front yard, talking to our next door neighbor, Steve.  I spent a few minutes to pick a beautiful bell pepper and a large zucchini and then I heard the ice cream truck coming up the street.  When he got to the corner and stopped, I waved the produce at him and he got out of the truck.  I asked him if he wanted the zuc and the pepper.  He said yes, and asked me if I wanted an ice cream.

Upshot: 2 coconut ice cream bars for a big zucchini and a pepper.

Works for me!


PS – Dinner tonight will be a veggie medley out of the garden with basmati rice.  Yum!


2 thoughts on “Why I Garden

  1. Ain’t barter a wonderful thing? I found you via Making Space and your wonderful lemon “funeral pie.” Sounds like we have some things in common, including a paternal grandmother named Helen and a grandmother (in my case, maternal) who was a preacher’s wife. Plus you’re in CO? Estes Park is where my heart is and always will be, even though I now live in OH. Will definitely be checking in here to see more garden photos and whatever else is goin’ on. Since it sounds like you enjoy cooking with fresh veggies, you might want to check out this month’s Culinary Smackdown, which I’m hosting. I always get such great ideas from the folks who participate.


  2. Please come back and visit any time! Oh, I forgot to mention that the conversation with the ice cream guy took place almost exclusively in Spanish. I am pretty proud of me!


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