Now I Went And Did It!

After giving it some thought, and after a couple of kicks in the pants from my BBFF (best blog friend forever), I took the plunge and submitted an essay to Anthony Bourdain’s Medium Raw food essay contest about “what it means to cook well”. Now I will be shamelessly plugging myself for votes.  The quick link is over the word “essay” above, and there’s a link to Bourdain’s site on the top left.  Go check me and everyone else out.  There are a lot of good essays there, but I think I’ve got a shot.

Don’t you think it would be a complete HOOT if I won?  Yeah, me too!  And yes, the money would be grand, but to get my essay published in one of Tony Bourdain’s books???  Damn, that would be right up there with winning Top Chef or something!

Yowza!  Go make an ol’ granny happy and VOTE!




6 thoughts on “Now I Went And Did It!

  1. What a lovely and heartfelt essay, Granny. Reminds me of when my dad had quintuple bypass. Rough deal, and he had no appetite, especially for that hospital food they fed him afterward. I made some of my chicken salad (with almonds, grapes, and vinaigrette) that he tried when he got back home. And he declared that’s when his appetite came back.

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