Muddling Along

In a little while, G has an appointment with a naturopathic doctor (NOT VA) to talk about her ongoing gut/acid trouble.  She went to the VA clinic office yesterday to get copies of blood work, and since July 16 has lost 16 pounds.  That’s a hard way to lose weight.  However, since the ER visit and stopping ALL “acid medicine” she’s been able to keep some food down–a rice/barley pudding I made, some fresh Swiss chard with mashed potatoes, fresh green beans, eggs, some fruit, etc.  She has to be real careful about amount of food and when she eats, but the nausea is less and she hasn’t vomited in about 3 days.  She’s also been keeping a food/activity diary for the last couple of days for this doctor and we’re carrying all the Rx drugs and OTC stuff she takes.  That’s a bag load of stuff right there.  Hopefully this doctor will actually listen to her.  We were recommended to her by a friend here who has the same troubles, so that’s a plus.  Through all this, I am just grateful that I inherited my mother’s iron constitution when it comes to digestive ability.

Speaking of, we went to the local farmers’ market today and I bought some ingredients for a food blogger smack-down that I’ll be competing in later this month. If you want to join the fray, just put in a comment over at Doggy’s blog and you’ll be in.  Don’t know what is up with me lately, entering an essay contest and now a food blogging contest?  I never considered myself all that competitive, yet here I am.

I am, however, having a hard time coming up with something to write about for my OBG column this month.  I’m not real political, so every time I start to write about something along those lines, I just sound whine-y and pathetic.  I’m not one to write about too much life drama, and it’s not the kind of blog that I can just babble on about daily activities like I’m doing now.

So, dear readers, any ideas or suggestions?  Anything you’d like to hear the “grumpy” take on?  Feel free to comment and leave me your desires. Thank you in advance!

Off to navigate more medical waters…



5 thoughts on “Muddling Along

  1. Holding a good thought for the Missus at the upcoming appointment. How much do I love that you’re going with her? Verklempt.

    You should write about cooking on a circus train. C’mon. Do it. I don’t care if it doesn’t seem to apply. Do it anyway. Whip!

  2. I’m glad to hear that G is consulting a naturopath. That could be very helpful.

    How about writing about two things: grumpy and granny. Write about the role you play in your grandkids’ lives, the stability you bring, the calm and quiet place where they can spend time…. you know, the important stuff! They clearly love their two grannies!

  3. Holding a good thought for you and G. So glad you’ll be joining in the Smackdown. Even if you’re not that competitive usually, it can be fun to participate in a contest or two when it’s about something that truly interests you. Take care, my friend.


  4. Dear Ladies,

    Thank you so much for all your good wishes for us and suggestions for the column, I am putting them in the mental “cooker” for later presentation. However, after our perfectly, marvelously, INCREDIBLE visit with this doctor (who is also a dyke!), I have decided to do a grumpy post on health “care” or what (doesn’t) passes for it. It will run on the 16th, so keep yer eyes peeled.

    You all rock!


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