Derailed But Hanging On

Today, I woke up full of plans.  I was going to exercise, get started on making the things I needed for my smackdown recipes, “put up” some veggies, and generally just enjoy a very productive day in the kitchen.

I got to the exercising part.  Then my daughter called all bummed because her car had overheated and she had to have it towed home from Monument (north of Colorado Springs).  Pleased to say she managed to pay for that herself, but she had taken it to a mechanic and the guy wasn’t calling her back.  Apparently, she is supposed to go to some job training this weekend in Denver and is supposed to leave on Friday.  So, would I call, etc.  Well, turns out she had the wrong number, but I got hold of the guy and long story short, she has a blown head gasket.  If you know anything about cars, that’s a major repair.  The car is not old, only 2003, but has nearly 200K miles.  She bought it from a friend of mine who put all those miles on driving from there to Fowler, CO to Colorado Springs and back nearly every day.

Anyway, I said I would help her get the car fixed and told her to find a rental for this weekend.  Replacing a head gasket is not something you want to rush.  Her company actually paid one of her friends to take care of the boys for the weekend, so that didn’t even come up.

That out of the way, G and I tried to go over everything the doctor talked about yesterday.  It was a FABULOUS visit.  We were both very encouraged.

Then, G decided that she needed to call Microsoft about her computer.  She bought it nearly a year ago, and even though it has 1 GB of RAM it’s not much faster than mine now.  I did a little bit of clean up, but she’s been trying to get it checked out so finally got online with some kind of tech support, where the assess your computer remotely.  She is not a fast typist, so I agreed to get on with the folks.  First they quoted a price for a 1-time “fix”, but the guy kept going on and on about this “service plan” and it was like he really wasn’t going to do any work on the computer until she agreed to buy one.  Of course he kept lower in the price.  Finally, we were just laughing ourselves silly–“I’ll sell you that plan for $99.99!”–and she agreed to get a plan for a year.

So, the remote clean up began.  Long story short–I got one thing done for my smackdown, managed to get some beans blanched and in the freezer, and the rest of the day I spent sitting in front of G’s computer trying to monitor what the remote person was doing.  They did do quite a few checks, found some malware, etc. so I think she’s pretty well cleaned up by now.  And she’s supposed to be upgrading to Windows 7, so they will do that for her, and now if she has any trouble for a year, she can get online with these guys, so I guess it’s not such a bad deal.

How exciting was my day?  I was really in a mood to cook, too. But, I’m proud of myself for not going into a tailspin about slapping a cool $1,000 on my credit card, not losing my cool with my daughter, and in fact, getting her to calm down and not pull her hair out over the phone.

Maybe I am picking up some wisdom after all.  Gotta go get a chicken out of the oven.




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