What If We Just Laughed?

Was playing around on FB today and saw a photo under one of my friends posts.  It was a church marquee or whatever you call those things (signs?–heh), that said, “I Kissed A Girl And I Liked It. Then I Went To Hell.”

Okay, I know what the sign is supposed to mean to anyone who’s a god-lovin’, gay-hatin’ christian, but I’m sorry, that just cracked me up. Really, it made me laugh out loud for real.  Then I got to thinkin’ (uh oh), what if we quit all those serious marches and picketing and all that stuff?  What if, when, say, people show up at a Pride parade or whatever with their signs and their slogans and their hatefulness, instead of yelling at them and getting all up in their faces (like they WANT us to do) we all just got together in a big group and LAUGHED at them?  Like, POINT and laugh, as in, you see THOSE idiots over there?  What are they doing?  Are they NUTS?  Then just fall down on the ground laughing.  I think it would go a long way to stopping all that crap.  I mean, after all, how serious can you be when someone is laughing in your face telling you you’re a fool?

I mean, picture this: Chancellor Hitler gets up in front of a German audience to make his first big Nazi speech or whatever it was when he started doing the mind-control thing back in the 1920s or whenever it was.  He starts going at it hot and heavy, and all of a sudden he notices a chuckle here and a guffaw there, and pretty soon the whole audience is killin’ themselves laughing at the sheer craziness of his words. How much further do you think he would have gotten if he had become a national joke instead of a rallying point?  Do you get my gist?

I know it’s a very simplistic idea, but somewhere in there, is a kernel of truth.  I know because laughing feels WAY better than yelling at someone, and when it feels better it’s got to BE better, right?

Try it.  Go laugh at a conservative this week and see if you don’t feel great!



7 thoughts on “What If We Just Laughed?

  1. I love that idea!

    In St. Louis, there is a church marquee that reads,
    “Contrary to popular belief, I love all people, gay and straight. -God”

    I keep meaning to take a picture of it sometime so I can post it on Facebook. I’m sure there are a lot of so-called Christians that wouldn’t believe it existed if I just told them about it.

  2. Oh, EM, I LOVE that!! If you do take a picture of it, please send it to me. I need it for my (questionable) sanity!

    I really don’t care how or what people believe, really I don’t. I just get completely fumed when they try to insist that EVERYONE has to believe the way THEY do. How rude!


  3. e–Nothing is completely safe, but how REALLY dumb would they look if they shot people who were, uh…”Well, officer, they were, uh, they were LAUGHING at us…so we shot ’em!”

    Yeah, that would go over well, don’t you think?

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