It’s That Time

Last night, I went to the kitchen counter, picked up a zucchini, a small yellow squash, a small eggplant (gave a huge amount away), cut half an onion, sliced a couple of cloves of garlic, tossed them all in a skillet and added the rest of a jar of tomatoes we canned last year.  Stirred it together with some olive oil, a tiny bit of chicken stock (sorry vegetarians, you can leave that out), and some decent Pinot Noir, and voila!  A perfect sauce for a little pasta:

And, today, ohhhh today….the “yellow stripeys” are starting to come in!  Picked the first 2 today, to go with the Cherokee Purples, both grown from seed started in January.  So, nearly as much time to get a tomato from a plant as to get a baby.  Can you guess which one I’d rather have? 😉

The possibilities are damn near endless, but I think that I will go upstairs, slice some homemade bread, toast it in a skillet with butter (REAL butter), roughly chop 1 or 2 of those tomatoes, drizzle them with some good balsamic vinegar and lemon oil and just feast like a queen.

Care to join me?  I’ll be on the front porch waiting!



4 thoughts on “It’s That Time

  1. OMG, I think I’m in love! Our eggplant totally tanked this year, but I found a farmer’s stand where they were selling them for only 50 cents a piece. And, they are so beautiful that you feel like crying! I made some kind of eggplant mash up, with garlic and olive oil. Cheryl won’t eat it, but I have smeared it on everything from corn chips to blue berry bagels!

    Homemade bread and real butter. Sounds like heaven.

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