Birth of a Blogger

My sister-in-law found more “stuff” from my mom’s house.  Following is a letter from girl scout camp in the 6th grade.  Oh, the drama!


6 thoughts on “Birth of a Blogger

  1. Priceless! And I hope you’re enjoying your visitor.

    I’m going crazy trying to leave for my California vacation with my aunts. Fun women, yes! Have we figured out our plans, no! Oh, well, will be wingin’ it – at least it’s a full week of vacation!

  2. That’s HYSTERICAL!! I love the dramatic description of all the tragedies, the urgent appeal for money, and then the “everything’s OK and I’m having fun.” Hahahahaha priceless.

  3. @52 – Welcome and hope you’ll come back!

    e–yes, some things are definitely worth holding on to.

    Eggy, have fun!

    MS – I vividly remember turning over the sailboat and it wasn’t funny at the time, but the rest of the stuff has faded, thankfully. (esp. the bruises!)

  4. I wonder what you needed the $4.50 for (a fortune back then?). At first I didn’t understand “mother print the next letter”, imagining her trying to find a printer on which to retrieve your next correspondence. Then it dawned on me, you wanted her to print instead of write cursively the next time she wrote to you. I’m still laughing at your opening remarks! They remind me of a parody of a Connie Francis song performed by Andrea Martin on SCTV many years ago, where the last line in a litany of misfortunes was “and I’m deaf in one ear”.

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