My daughter found him at her apartments, dirty and smelling like pee.  He’s maybe 3 months old and as big as he’ll probably get.  If her landlord won’t let her keep him, her husband’s aunt will take him as she is nuts for chihuahuas, so at least he’ll get a good home.

He’s just too sweet for words..

Still a baby…

Been trying to stay off the computer quite so much, dealing with neck and hand pain and some girl named Lisbeth Salander has completely taken over my life.  Apparently, she has a dragon tattoo, plays with fire and goes around kicking hornets’ nests.

My kinda gal…



3 thoughts on “Killer

  1. OMG! I want this dog!! This is the cutest, most beautiful chihuahua ever! When Cheryl and I make any kind of bet, my payoff is always in the number of chihuahuas that I will be allowed to have. Last count, I was up to 37. Trixie likes little dogs. She thinks they taste good.

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