For All The Searchers

Walking the Labyrinth

In the beginning there is no word.
Only a path lying close by all the others.
It shows itself in bits–
We can’t see
And won’t listen,
Plunging along our lives
Like stags through hedges
Running from hunters who would stop us.

Later, we learn to walk and heed
The voices we like, but only if
They say something we want to hear.
The path lays out before us, clear; we think
We can see then end, but
The turns lead us to places we’ve never imagined.
Even in the deepest sleep
The wildest dreams are always hidden.

We will never know this path,
Its twists and turns are not for explanation
Only walking–straight lines and clear roads
Are what we want;
We get curves, convolutions, involutions,
Mobius highways heading us always back,
Back to the road meant for us.

Learn the labyrinth, walk the stony path,
Twist your feet upon the road you would
Love to leave, but cannot, for it is the
Road you were born to tread;
Bravery or cowardice has no bearing
The road is there and you must travel
Until your feet learn each rock, each obstacle;
Make of them your dearest friends
And know the hardest path is that
Which gives you freedom


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