Grace The Amazing

The other day, I was visiting an artist friend who also happens to have Charcot-Marie-Tooth disease, which is an inherited condition. Being pretty much a full time artist and art teacher, you can imagine she doesn’t have a huge income and therefore has health care via the county health department.  Fine for basic stuff, but not much specialty care.  Also, like me, she’s really more about the energy of what dis-ease is all about. Thus, she is electing to treat many of her symptoms through “alternative” measure such as chiropractic and massage.  When I met her, she had just got back from a massage with a new therapist in town, and she seemed to be on air.  I hadn’t had a good massage in a while, so I took the woman’s name.

Yesterday, after G and I finished doing our usual day-off running around, we decided to stop by her office which is luckily not far from our house.  She had time for us both and I immediately liked her energy and signed up.

May I just say that I have had therapeutic massages since I was in my 20’s and I have NEVER had a session that helped me as much as Grace did yesterday?  She is aptly named, for sure!

I don’t talk about it much, but I have a hip that is pretty much always in some kind of pain.  Some days less, some more. It doesn’t really limit me and I know all kinds of good stretches and yoga exercises that help it, but it’s always sore and those muscles surrounding it, gluteus, piriformis, psoas, are always tight and tense and very painful to be worked on.  Sometimes I lie on a tennis ball to loosen things up and it can bring tears to my eyes.

This woman did things with applied kinesiology and “reflex” points.  That is, she held each of my legs in turn, asked me to touch various points on my torso and then asked me to try to keep her from either pushing my leg in toward my other one or out away from the other one.  Based on the response–either I could do it or not–she could tell which muscles were weak and which points needed work.  All of this was done very gently, while I was on my back, and the pushed a little here, pulled a little there, etc.  Then she did kind of a basic massage and then had me turn over.  She placed 2 rolled up towels at separate points under each of my hips then went to work.  I could tell she was working VERY deeply on my legs/hips and yet, IT DID NOT HURT.  Normally, when a therapist works on either one of my hips that deeply, I am jumping off the table when they hit a trigger point.  I simply lay there and enjoyed the most incredible massage I’ve ever had.

Afterward, I waited for G to have her session and I was, quite honestly, on another planet.  It’s a good thing I had an hour and that the house was only blocks away–I’m not sure I could have made it otherwise!

Today, G had a VA appointment in Denver, so I drove, waited for her, drove home, then cooked dinner.  For the first time in YEARS, I stood in the kitchen chopping, cooking, etc. and had NO PAIN in my hips!  None.  I am sitting here typing, feeling settled and balanced on the chair, in no pain.  My neck is still a little wonky, but I think I will address that on Friday with my chiropractor because I can feel where it’s out, but man!  I plan to be seeing Grace for a while.  She is really a miracle worker in my book!



4 thoughts on “Grace The Amazing

  1. Hmm… a ticket to Denver, a rental car to Pueblo, the cost of the massage… sadly, no, I will not be making an appointment with Grace. Damn!

  2. 🙂 This is wonderful to read. For me, it’s my back, and I’m rarely pain free, so I can sympathize. I’m so glad you’ve found a hip-whisperer. 🙂

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