Need A Guru?

Tuesday, when we were hanging around in the morning having coffee, G turned on the TV to G00d M0rning Amerika.  We watched for a few minutes, then they had a sort of commercial stating that GMA was looking for an “advice guru” and they were taking applications from the general public. G at once told me I should apply.  I immediately thought No bleepin’ WAY!

But then, yesterday on the drive back and forth to Denver, I thought why not?  I’ve had my share of life experiences and seem to have come out on the other side.  I’ve worked in corporate life and in small businesses and for myself.  My family life has certainly had its ups and downs. I’ve lived as a straight person and been through the coming out journey.  I have something for everyone!

So, on impulse and before I had a chance to stop myself, I filled out their application, answered their questions, wrote my essay and sent a photo.  It’s in the Universe’s hands now, and I’m going to do my best not to think about it.

I still have to giggle though.  Me, an “advice guru”.  Hee hee. I crack myself up sometimes!



5 thoughts on “Need A Guru?

  1. a guru! Does that mean you might move to my mountains? the monkeys and i will be glad!
    but seriously, you just might be wiser and saner than most..;)

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