We Go Out Walking…

…not after midnight, but in a wonderfully altered universe thanks to my favorite photo program.  A FB friend, Janet Smith, has been doing some really cool stuff with photos via her iPhone.  Now, I’ll never have an iPhone (don’t want one), but my little program does some really cool stuff with the photos I took the other day when we walked from Pueblo’s City Park to the nature center along the Arkansas River…Enjoy the new landscapes and other images!

One thing I miss about digital photography is black and white.  I just realized I can create a b&w image! Love this old cottonwood branch:

Duck! Oh, wait, that should be…DUCKS!

I just love the color saturation…

My favorite, I think.

Kinda eerie…Hitchcock, anyone?

Doorway to a new land…

And a few other critters:

We startled this osprey as it was about to “stoop” to grab a fish out of the river. By the time I could get the camera ready, he had flown…

A little t’ai chi in the open air…our friend Peggy was there, a nice surprise to see her!

On the way back:

A lone swan that apparently has taken up residence:

And I always love seeing the moon when the sun is up:

What a fabulous journey!  Can’t wait to see what other marvels might be lurking in the neighborhood.


7 thoughts on “We Go Out Walking…

  1. Lew! Nice to see you here at Grumpy’s place. Come back any time!

    e — I like the “doorway” one, too…magical if I say so myself.

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