A Moment

The Message

Winter blew in today
It came on
fountains of leaves,
ripped raggedly from their
last clinging hold upon the trees.

I watched through
hazy, filtered sunlight,
Warm and dusty with the
Final heat of summer–
The fire of your remembered gaze
Burned in afternoon glow.

I felt the winter come today
On cool breezes across choppy water,
Your distant kiss
Upon my chilly, blushing cheek;
It lived in azure agate-layered mountains
Backlit in sunset’s pulsing, ashy ember glow.

I heard winter’s voice
in quiet rushing twilight,
whispered through burgeoning cattails;
hissed in wispy reeds–
It was the secret you hold close,
The freshening wind released it
To my heart:
It says the Winter’s not for sleeping,
but for Knowing,
Seeds of summer triumphs soon to come.

I wrapped my soul around the winter day,
the fading light,
its misty abalone shimmer
clasped against my heart,
and then I knew–
It was all for you.


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