Welcome A New Blogger

If you look over to the right at my blogroll, you’ll see a new addition.  Please welcome Lew, who’s made a couple of nice comments on my blog recently.  He is just getting into this thing we call blogging, so please pop over and give his site a look.  If you have any feedback on his blog, the template, fonts, etc., I’m sure he’d be happy to hear constructive comments. Be nice to him, okay?

Lew is one of a group of friends that I used to (and still do) attend SF conventions with. I’ve actually met him a time or two.  He’s an SF fan, a reader, a baseball fan, and a good husband–just an all around good guy.  He and his wife live in Texas, but don’t hold that against them–I was born there, after all! 😉

Right now, he’s trying to get enough hits on his new blog to get him “Google-able”, so I’m doing my part.

Nice to have you in the blogosphere, Lew!  Have fun!



2 thoughts on “Welcome A New Blogger

  1. That was SOOOOOOO nice of you! And I have gotten many new hits. Thanks so much!
    I said it before but I want to say it again, you’ve been a great resource and very willing to help.


  2. You are very welcome! You should know that grannies like to help out, even if they’re grumpy!


    Looking forward to more autograph tales.

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