Here She Is!

It was a lovely day for photography, especially for taking pictures of a new member of the family!  Thanks to a comment from Jess, I have settled on a name for the new baby–Scarlett O’Cara!

Doesn’t she look happy??  Note loose clothing due to 20+ pound weight loss “the hard way”!  Even Peaches wants to drive!

And we will surely enjoy the HUGE sun roof!

And, in some odd, catastrophic alignment of the planets, our fridge went out almost the day after the car came home, so tonight we went fridge shopping.  The good news–we found a really nice one and although we put it on the card, we will be able to pay it off once the bill comes in.

My previous whining seems so uncalled for when there are so many blessings just jumping up to slap me in the face.  Just LOOK at the colors in that first photo–not just the car, but the house, the sky, everything.  What an amazing world we live in.

Gratitude, gratitude, gratitude.

That is all.



5 thoughts on “Here She Is!

  1. Love it! And it makes total sense to me that with a body that gives her such trouble, she’d be so interested in at least one machine that works right every time you turn the ignition.

    She’s still purtier than her car though, you tell her that for me, ‘kay?

  2. MS, you are right. She totally wants a car that is safe, clean and offers no trouble. She is way more confident in driving now that her knees have been fixed (previously, she sometimes could not move her leg fast enough from gas to brake, etc.) but I still do most of the driving and she wants me to have “the best”. How can I argue with that? And I will tell her she is purtier than the care, cuz she IS! 😉

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