Will It Work?

I am trying something new here–putting in a video that I took yesterday with my wonderful little camera.  It’s a meadowlark warbling away.  Not very long, but we will see what happens.  Since I can’t directly upload a video to WordPress because I don’t have .org and don’t want to pay $60.00 a year for the privilege, I uploaded it to YouTube first and I’m trying the embed feature.  Here goes nuttin:

Such a lovely thing to see and hear on my way around the lake!



5 thoughts on “Will It Work?

  1. Oh GG! Thank you so much! That sound is one of the things I miss the most since moving to the city. Made me tear up, just a little.


  2. e – You are so welcome. We love all the avian life we have here. Now that I know how to get the videos off the camera and onto the blog, watch you! LOL My main goal would be to get a good video of a hawk either taking off or landing. I may have created a monster here! 😉

  3. Wow! I am as impressed with the audio as I am with the video. Reminds me of tests for a class where the instructor would play bird calls for us to identify.

  4. Yes, great audio and video – keep the videos comin’, GG!

    I saw a “moveable” rainbow today as I drove home from work along the Ohio River. Cincinnati is along a curvy bend in the wide O-hi-o, and that dern rainbow kept appearing from different vantage points as I traveled and the sun and clouds shifted. Would have loved to get a pic, but no turn-off options on my stretch of road until it vanished. Great mental memory, though 🙂

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