Be Bright, Be Brief, Be Gone

When I worked for the Mari0tt, that was the motto for conducting meetings. Hence, a brief update.

I have so far walked 36.5 miles this month. I am 2.5 miles off my goal. This morning, my eyes popped open at 4:45 a.m. (which would have been 5:45 two weeks ago!). Lying in bed, wide awake, I realized that since I have switched my Saturday start time to 9 a.m. I could get to the grocery store, come  home, unpack the groceries, put a load of clothes in the dryer and do a  5-mile walk with time to spare before I had to be at work.  All done according to plan and even stopped at a local coffee shop near the hospital to make the last quarter of my walk with a nice latte, which felt good since it was below freezing when I left the house.

Writing is coming along. The POV/main character is male, so that’s been a challenge.

I wanted to write a post about my daughter and how she’s progressing, and she is. She’s totally on top of GS1 moving into middle school next year and she has identified a school that will probably be very good for him and they had an interview yesterday. She’s pursued getting on housing here in town for the last 5 years and finally got a voucher for rent on a house a few weeks ago. The voucher is good for 60 days and if she doesn’t find a place by then, it’s start all over.

Apparently she identified a place, and then it had to pass inspection, etc. She called me yesterday all frantic because supposedly she had put her deposit money into hubby’s account so she wouldn’t spend it and (GASP) his account was garnished. Oh? How come I’ve not heard about this garnishment? SIGH. Oh well. I didn’t offer to bail her out because I can’t and she didn’t ask.

This morning she was texting me to IM on my computer to see if the new landlord had called. Apparently, she gave him our number as a message number. No, he never called. She then texted that she had got the money for the deposit. Amazing. Since then I haven’t heard, so I have to assume that she met up with the landlord and moving has commenced. Like cars, she goes through houses the way most of us use kleenex. I hope she’ll be able to stay in this one for a while, if she actually gets it. Right now, I have enough on my plate to satisfy me without taking her on.

But on a good note, G and I went to get coffee tonight at Sbuck’s and we went inside for a change.  I noticed some really cool artwork–it was a panel made up of individual pieces done by different kids from a local school. As I looked closer, I recognized the writing and realized that one of the panels had been done by GS2!! He did a great job with color and texture. The piece was like a fall tree, with a rainbow-colored background and with the leaves being cut out of some kind of fabric. The whole thing was really lovely.  I’m going to try to call the art teacher at his school and see if I can’t get his panel when she rotates the artwork out.  I’d love to have that framed and on the wall!

And that, my friends, is the bright and brief summation for the evening.

I’m gone!


One thought on “Be Bright, Be Brief, Be Gone

  1. How great that your daughter is figuring it out on her own. What a relief! And, what a lovely surprise to find your grandson’s art work displayed! I hope you get to keep that one!

    Keep on walking, GG! I love those early morning times ~ they can be so productive, and so solitary.

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