Pillow Talk

Ha! No, not THAT kind, but talk about real pillows.  Since going to the chiropractor my neck has been better. The TENS unit helped, I’ve tried to stay off any kind of pain meds, though I do take some before I sit down to type in the morning. I’ve been keeping heating pads and ice packs very close to me.

All of those things have helped, but the one thing that’s made the most difference is this:

These are meditation cushions (zafus) from Bean Products. I bought one a few years ago to support me when I sit in meditation and really I sit on it when I do floor work in yoga, etc.  It supports my hips higher than my knees when my legs are crossed and I can sit longer and be way more comfortable than just sitting on the floor. It’s filled with buckwheat hulls, so it’s fairly heavy, but I learned one day when I was really tired and decided to take a power nap while lying on my yoga mat, that on a hard surface, this pillow perfectly supports my head in a straight line when I’m lying on my side.  That is, my head doesn’t torque either too far up or down the way it might on a pillow that was too puffy or too flat. The curve of it fits right under my head when I’m lying on my back, and right around my neck when I’m on my side.

So, after my chiro appointment, where he asked me how I slept, etc., I decided to bring this pillow up to bed with me.  Instant relief.  Well, overnight, anyway. Truly, the next morning after sleeping on that thing for just one night, the difference was amazing.  Neck didn’t hurt, wasn’t stiff, and I managed to get through the whole day at the desk without that hot, sharp pain jabbing its way down my neck.  Since the chiro had talked about maybe having to get an MRI if things didn’t ease up, this was fabulous news!

I love my little purple pillow.  I may have to order a 2nd one to keep down stairs so I don’t have to carry it around with me everywhere!

So, if you’re reading this and you’re having some neck pain, I highly recommend one of these.   Truly, it’s only a few more dollars that a chiropractic visit, and if it helps stave off more invasive procedures, it is totally worth it.

Maybe one of these days, I’ll write about the other kind of “pillow talk”.  Heh!



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