A Momentary Rant

I try, I really try, to be tolerant and laid back about G’s need for neatness.  I have found myself actually wanting less clutter, putting things away better (sometimes), etc. But I just cannot, CANNOT understand her compulsive need to sterilize the entire house just because a friend might “stop by”.  I mean, we live in probably the cleanest, neatest house I’ve ever lived in–ever–already.  And why is it always MY stuff that’s the culprit, eh?

I don’t mess with her tools.  I don’t mess with her sewing/quilting things, even when she lays out her quilts in the middle of the floor where I do my t’ai chi in the morning and leaves them there for a few days.  I LEAVE THEM ALONE.  Is it wrong to ask the same thing?

The other day, I made a new batch of foot salve that I try to make a couple of times a year. This is always a different mix of infused olive oil and beeswax.  I never know if I’ve got the mix right until the stuff has sat out for a bit.  This batch was sitting on the counter by the microwave in an 8-cup glass measuring cup so that if I needed to melt it down again, I could just put the glass in a bowl of warm water on the stove and add more wax if needed.

Because we had a friend “stopping by” today, she HAD to take all of it out of the glass bowl and put it in a plastic container.  You don’t put an oil/wax mix in plastic.  I don’t want the oil leaching the plastics out into the mix.  But that’s not the point.

The point is THAT IS MY PROJECT. THOSE ARE MY TOOLS. LEAVE THEM ALONE.  She can’t understand why I get upset about this.  She says, “But it’s getting dust in it.” OMG, all I hear is my father’s voice.  “There’s dust in the toaster, it’s a fire hazard.”

I’ve been a bit busy. I don’t have all day, every day, to work on my projects. I have to do them when I have the time and how is a bowl of ointment hurting anything? If you’re worried about dust, PUT A TOWEL OVER IT!

I know it’s a stupid, stupid thing to get aggravated about but I am and that’s that.  It’s like my projects and my tools (kitchen stuff) aren’t “valid” enough and have to be “cleaned up”.



3 thoughts on “A Momentary Rant

  1. I feel for you. I’m more of the neat freak in our house. The wife teases me by calling me Mr Monk, but I think your rant is valid. Hopefully you blew off the steam needed to prevent it from building.

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