And Now For Something Completely Different

Day 2 of 3 days off.  Didn’t get much done yesterday that I really wanted to do, i.e., writing, but today was a good day if you want to check out the tally off to the right.  The goal is in sight; the end slightly further away. The story is evolving well. My weekly writing group (thanks Genyne!) had some good advice last week. Not to me particularly, but just in general about enjoying the characters and not worrying so much about the back story. The characters are now more characters and less autobiographical and that makes it a long stronger not to mention easier to write.

The other day, I mentioned the view from my office.  Then Monday while I was working, I saw this out of my window:

Sneaky little rodent!  Here’s the actual window…did I mention I LOVE the zoom on my camera??

I’m very grateful for everything in my life right now.  I have more than most people in the world can ever hope for.  No, it’s not all roses all the time. Sometimes the thorns poke through, but it’s always worth it and I know it could be worse, ’cause it has been and I’m incredibly grateful to know the difference and to have come out of those bad places still intact.

Happy Thanksgiving to all of you.  If I had one wish it would be that we could consciously carry this feeling of gratitude forward in to every single future day we have here.

Be well. Be blessed.


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