Day 1 – What I Hate About Me (30 Days of Truth and Blogging)

So begins the month–how auspicious; something I hate about myself. I could wimp out right here and simply say my upper arms and be done with it, but I think the idea was to go a bit deeper.

First of all, I have to qualify this title.  I really don’t HATE anything about myself but there are plenty of things I could improve.  Here’s one.  Sometimes I’d really like to be able to turn off the “contingency planner” in my head.  Maybe it stems from the bad ol’ days of being married to an abuser, and always trying to plan every moment of the day so I wouldn’t “set him off” but regardless of how great things are, I’m  making plans and preparations for when things fall apart.  Or maybe I just read too much post apocalyptic fiction. Who knows, but sometimes I’d really like to stop that little voice in my head that keeps telling me I’d better get ready for the other shoe to drop.

It makes me tired.


One thought on “Day 1 – What I Hate About Me (30 Days of Truth and Blogging)

  1. ok so i just read your blog, cause i just posted my first ever blog, lol, but i went the cheap route and actually talked about something i hate about my body lol. I enjoyed your blog very much 🙂

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