30 DOTB – Day 5 – Something I Hope To Do

So, do you have a few days? Seriously, I seem to increase the list of things I want to do as I get older.  I am most definitely what you would call a “late bloomer” and I hope when my time comes I just simply drop dead doing something on my list.  As to that, I’m going to give you a list of 10 things in no particular order:

1. Visit and explore all 50 states with G (this may involve selling the house and buying an RV).

2. Finish my novel (at least one of them).

3. Go back to Spain and complete El Camino.

4. Compete in a triathlon.

5. Do the Alcatraz swim.

6. Not work at any job in any capacity for one full year.

7. Take a cooking class in another country.

8. Learn to play the violin.

9. Keep up with my Spanish and try to learn Greek.

10. Visit Greece.

Yeah, it’s a pretty big list for a granny on the down side, but I figure I’ve got at least 50 good years left in me, so what’s that Browning quotation–ah, yes: “Woman’s reach should exceed her grasp or what’s a heaven for?”



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