30 DOTB – Day 6 – Something I Hope Never To Do

Once again, this title seems a little trite. I could go with the obvious, of course. What does anyone hope never to do? Never bury a loved one, never lose a friendship, never see anyone you care about hurt or knocked about by life, right?

Maybe I have a somewhat different view of death, but I really don’t think dying is the worst thing that could happen to someone I loved, especially if they were in terrible pain or had lost all the faculties.

My “nevers” are different.  I hope I never, ever have to feel like I need to give up my soul just so another person will be “happy”.

I hope I never, ever have to work in any kind of job that involves sales ever again.  Okay, maybe Starbucks.

I hope I’m never, ever tempted to stray in any way from this wonderful life that G and I have worked so hard to create for ourselves. I hope I have enough common sense to never do that.

That’s three and that’s enough.  I’m cranky right now because I think I’m getting pinkeye and that pisses me off.

More tomorrow.


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