My 30 days is off track again due to a medical scare with G yesterday. We had a great morning, went to breakfast, wandered around in the mall a little but just to check out the Christmas stuff, did some grocery shopping, etc. Came home, got unpacked, she was working on her sewing (making bookmarks and fabric ornaments to send with our Christmas cards), and everything was great. I decided to go for a walk and she said she would stay home and get her stuff done.  For about 2/3 of the way it was a lovely walk. I fear that we’re in for a serious drought in the next year, but the weather now is almost worth it.

Anyway, about 2/3 done, my phone rings (almost didn’t take it with me) and it’s G all breathless and bizarre asking where I am.  Still about a mile and a half away, and she’s having one of her “crash and burns” on the floor, throwing up, blacking out, etc. I told her to try to eat an orange thinking low blood sugar. The she calls back and I tell her to please call 911 and I try to walk faster. Running is out of the question…I’m slower when I run than when I walk fast.  Anyway, long story short, I heard the ambulance going to the house and flagged it down as they were coming down the street to go back and they did take her to the hospital so I got home and thank god they left the door open ’cause I didn’t have a key and the neighbor shut the garage door, and I got changed and let the dog out of the bedroom and went to the hospital.  Oh and called the VA and left a “detailed message” for the person who’s supposed to approve non-VA care who of course isn’t there till Thursday.


She was tossing her cookies in a bucket when I got there, though not much left from breakfast 6 hours earlier.  They gave her Compazine, Benadryl, and Zofran.  The doctor seemed to think it was a migraine but she said she didn’t have a headache till after all this started but her sugar was normal when the EMTs took it.

So, we were there a couple of hours and they sent her home and she ate dinner and other than being so antsy I thought I was going to have to tie her to the floor to keep her in one place.

She seems okay this morning, tho says she’s not “perky” and we’re getting ready to go to the chiropractor in case her neck or something was out and caused her to be lightheaded.

Sometimes I think I should give up medical transcription and get a nursing degree.



4 thoughts on “Sidetracked

  1. That’s scary. I hope she is feeling better and I hope someone on her care team can find out what triggers these episodes.

    (As an aside, with her reflux issues, I don’t think an orange is a good idea. I know for me it would make everything much worse.)

    And, I hope you are feeling ok. It’s hard to be the caregiver and it’s also hard to feel like you can’t fix it. She’s lucky to have you in her life (and I know you feel the same). Hang in there, GG!

  2. Hi, e, well, the reflux has been much better since the diet changes and I was thinking of a quick way to get some sugar into her. We also have Emergen-C now handy in the kitchen and honey.

  3. I have a friend staying w/us while he goes through Chemo for pancreatic cancer & he is diabetic. We keep Gluco-tabs and Gluco-gel on hand for low sugar emergencies. He got the gel in case he’s non-responsive or bad enough where chewing could be an issue. It’s in a tube and is easier to administer than honey. We’ve had one low sugar incident recently & I got pudding & Ensure into him before it got really bad, but it was scary just the same.
    As far as G’s episodes, I hope she’s doing better & I’d check all the possible side effects on any meds – scripts & OTC. She may be super sensitive to something. It took more than a month or so for me to have a side effect to any of the cholesterol drugs – and red yeast rice – and it was the really bad one.
    Sending good vibes to you & G.

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