30 DOTB – Day 7 – Someone Who Made Your Life Worth Living

Growing up and moving to a different house, different school, different state for most of my childhood, I never had many friends. Sometimes, I was lonely and wanted more than anything to be able to join those groups of kids I saw playing kickball or tag or just running around being happy together. But I knew if I approached them, a silence would fall and pretty soon the previously happy band of kids would dissipate, not wanting to share their bond with “the new kid”.

By the time I got to high school, my father had settled into his career and there would be no more moves.  In 9th grade, I started to have a few friends and we would be each others’ support through those weird and painful years of peer pressure and pimples. When I graduated, I hoped those relationships would last, but sadly, they did not.

Then I went to college and discovered the meaning of true friendship.  Through classes, dorm life, and various campus activities, I met a particular group of women like me–strong-minded, smart, voracious readers and learners and damn good people.  The women I called my friends then are still the mainstays of my life.  They have got me through some of the most difficult times I never hoped to experience. They told me the truth and still do. They made me laugh and still do. They have given me a lifetime of cherished memories and experiences.  I would not relinquish  any of them out of my life for anything in the world.  They are my true sisters of the heart and I love them dearly.

So, Melanie, Eleanor, Ginny, Virginia, Sandy, Susi, Elizabeth, Lynden, and Judy, thank you.  You all have truly made my life a better place for over 30 years and I hope we can do it for at least 30 more.




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