30 DOTB – Day 10 – Someone I Need To Let Go

The second part of the title above is someone you wish you didn’t know. I think (or hope) by the time you reach this age, most of the people you wish you didn’t know have already faded away.  I sometimes used to wish I’d never met my first husband, but then I would encounter a tough situation and for some reason, I breezed through it while others around me continued to struggle and I realized it was because of all the “stuff” I went through with him. He, and a few other people that I might have wished I didn’t know  or had never met, was my forge. Because of him, I discovered my inner steel, the strength I now know I have to face whatever I might encounter on the rest of this path in front of me. I wouldn’t go back and relive any of it, but it’s nice to know that because of those rough times, I came out with some really good tools to handle life.

I’ve also realized that you don’t really need to do much to “let go”. A lot of people talk about needing to let go of something, but then they talk about what or who they need to let go of all the time, and so by focusing on what it is they’re trying to release, it keeps on clinging to them.  If you want to let something go, then you have to seriously open your hands and drop it. Don’t talk about it, whatever “it” is. Don’t even think about it. It’s gone.

As soon as you can even approach that point, then you’ll realize that the issue, in fact, is over and you really didn’t do very much at all.

So, the short answer is–everyone I’ve needed to let go of, I already have.  Makes me think of George Clooney and his “backpack” speech in “Up In The Air”.

Today, my backpack is very light.



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