30 DOTB – Day 12 – Something I Never Get Compliments On

Hmmm, singing? 🙂

No, the times I have actually sung out loud (in performance) I have received compliments.

I guess I’d have to say my looks. G of course is always very complimentary, but I mean in general, for most of my life, my looks haven’t been the first thing I got complimented on. And if I do it’s in the form of, Oh, great outfit, or nice haircut or whatever. Not, “Wow YOU look like a million bucks!”

I used to really want to get compliments on how I looked. I wanted to turn heads.  These days, I’m really glad that G. thinks I’m hot, but as for the rest of it, as long as I feel as good as I do now and have all of my teeth, who cares? It’s so subjective anyway. I’m very comfortable in my own skin and in the end I think that’s what matters.

But if we ever meet and you do happen to think I look good, I wouldn’t turn down the compliment!




One thought on “30 DOTB – Day 12 – Something I Never Get Compliments On

  1. hmm..can identify with this. These days, thanks to mian’s uninhibited appreciation and my own ‘growing up’ , I am pretty happy with myself. All my life though, any compliments I’ve received on my looks have been pretty double edged. my favourites?
    A colleague: you look different today, you actually look good.
    An aunt: you used to be such a cute child!

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