DOTB – Day 14 – Heroes That Never Let Me Down

My heroes are small and they can’t let me down because they’re human and we’ve all been there. They aren’t the people you might see on the big screen or playing grounds in the world’s various sports arenas. Although there are public figures or performers that I admire (see below), I think I’m old enough to realize that they’re just people whose job/life choices have put them in the public light.  They do the same things we all do, try to have relationships, careers and lives, but they have to do it in the magnified glare of the fishbowls that the media forces them to live in. So, their accomplishments and their mistakes are therefore always greatly magnified.

My real heroes are everyday people.  The woman who cuts my hair never went to college, but she has owned her own business practically since she was out of high school, survived a bad marriage, and put her own 2 daughters through their college education with her hard work and business smarts.  She loves her job, loves her shop and she is one of the kindest people I know. She is my hero.

Yesterday, I did a little Christmas shopping. When I went to check out, the man who rang me up looked familiar. I told him so. He said I must remember him from a particular local restaurant.  I said, no, it was from when he was the manager at a fast food place. He was surprised and said that was so long ago. I told him that I remembered because of the way he had his staff so organized and motivated–when he was the manager of that place, it was by far the best fast food place for customer service and actual “fast” food in town. He was kind and respectful and it was easy to see that his staff was crazy about it.  I don’t know why he was now working in a department store and I don’t think it was his first choice, but I told him I knew it was for a reason and that he would find something great for him because I knew he had the skills. He is my hero.

My heroes are people that buck the odds. They go to college in their 50’s or they get laid off from a job they thought they couldn’t live without then find a path that fulfills them completely but would never have found without the “tragedy” of losing their other job.

My heroes are bloggers like Tina and Jess and Roxy, MS and Margaret who have fought so hard to live real, authentic lives full of love and family and important work. We all get a little star struck now and then, and want to put people like actors or singers or ball players up on pedestals, but in the end it’s the every day people like you and me and all of us who carry the world along.  If they don’t let themselves down, then there’s no way they can let me down.

Carry on, all you heroes out there.  You’re the best!


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