30 DOTB – Something I Can’t Live Without

I think a better title for this entry is something I wouldn’t WANT to live without.  When you’ve walked out your door and left everything you own behind you in order to save your life and your soul, you learn quickly that you can live without just about anything as long as you’ve got your wits about you.

I used to buy books at an alarming rate, thinking I had to have every volume published by my favorite authors. While I still have a substantial number of books, I now prefer to get my books from the library.  If one of them makes a particular impression on my, I might pick it up eventually, but the urge to have it just for the sake of possession is no longer there.

I told the story of how I got back a certain possession after it had once been destroyed and it’s true that every time I look the painting in question, I get a thrill of happiness.  But if by some chance even this were to be taken away, no one could ever take the memory of it and the pleasure I had when I owned it.

At this point, my life is just not about stuff or what I can acquire. It’s more about what I can experience and learn and do, the people I can meet, the lives I can intersect with, the connections I can make.

So what is it I can’t live without?  When I discover it, I’ll let you know!


2 thoughts on “30 DOTB – Something I Can’t Live Without

  1. Again, I believe we must have been separated at birth. We downsized 10 years ago. Most of my books are gone. Possessions mean very little to me. I had to give up distance running after a very good 40 year “run” at it. I knew the day would probably come, but have found I can read, and think about it. I can even take a very nice run in my head. I play the guitar every day, usually many times. I never put it away, just hang it on the wall. Could I live without it? I’m sure that I could manage. But I need only glance at two dogs, sleeping within my reach, to feel my heart instantly warmed. Only people and animals can give me that. Wonderful series.

  2. I’m with you on this one, GG. I, too, have walked away ~ with only the clothes on my back and my kid in my arms. Everything else? Just stuff.

    I feel strongly about books and I inherited a substantial library from my parents. But, I almost never buy books. Since I am a dedicated reader, I would have paupered myself if I had bought all the books I read. I love my public library!

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