30 DOTB – Day 18 – My Views on Gay Marriage

This is the 9th Christmas tree that G and I have put up together. As of this year, my relationship with her has lasted and thrived beyond either of my 2 “real” marriages to men. Our partnership nourishes and sustains me in ways I never imagined I would have with another person when I was living the straight life. I just assumed that I could get so much from marriage to a man and that was it. The rest I had to do on my own.

Anyone who’s been married longer than the honeymoon knows that marriage has far less to do with how the “parts” fit together than how two spirits combine to make a greater whole than either could do alone or with someone else.  We’ve been creating this whole together for nearly a decade and apart from some estate documents that we each have copies of in our respective file cabinets, there’s no “documentation” that this amazing creation even exists.

How DARE anyone say that two loving, consenting adults who want to embark together on the precious and perilous journey that is marriage cannot do so?

How DARE they?


6 thoughts on “30 DOTB – Day 18 – My Views on Gay Marriage

  1. It’s sad that the State is oblivious to this wonderful, precious thing that you and G have created. But you know what? That does not diminish what you have in the least bit. All it does is add a little to the red tape that you have to go through (nominate next of kin and all that). 9 years together..wow.
    for me and Mian, this is our second. (first x’mas considering that we were both ill last year and could only dribble out a ‘meddy schitmas’. we have only begun creating rituals, and look forward to being where you and G are..

  2. Ah, Chicu, you are so right. We’ve done the red tape, etc. and actually got documents recorded publicly since Colorado did pass a “designated beneficiary” law.

    As for the rest, the people we know and love acknowledge and support us and in the end, isn’t that what it’s all about?

    Congratulations on yours and Mian’s 2nd Christmas…wishing you many more together!


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