30 DOTB – Day 20 – My Views on Drugs/Alcohol

And here’s another vast subject wanting to be summarized in a single blog post. First of all, I’d like to point out that alcohol, more specifically ethyl alcohol or ETOH as the medical folk like to call it, IS a drug. According to the online Merriam-Webster, a drug is (in part): “a substance other than food intended to affect the structure or function of the body.”

Certainly alcohol fits that definition.

Truth? I like a drink now and then.  Sometimes beer, sometimes a glass of wine, sometimes bourbon or tequila.  I drink probably less than once a month.  I think the skill and effort that go into making good beer, wine or spirits is great and it’s nice to appreciate the end results.

I’ve also seen someone I love die from drinking. No illegal drugs ever crossed our threshold when I was married to my 2nd husband. Michelob was all it took.  And I know more people die from the legal drug of alcohol than all the ones who do from crack, meth and heroin combined.  It’s insidious precisely because it’s legal.

On the other hand, because it’s legal and labeled, you know what you’re getting.  If you buy a 5th of Jack Daniels in Colorado and then buy one in Florida, you’re going to get the same thing.

Street drugs–forget it. Who knows what the hell they put in those? I wouldn’t do street drugs for any amount of money. Never appealed to me. My brain was the one tool I had to get ahead in this life, still is, and I’m not fucking it up with some unknown substance.  I told my daughter, I tell the grandkids–you can make all kinds  of “moral” judgments about drugs, but the bottom line is, putting something unknown like that into your system is just plain stupid.

I’ve tried pot a few times, and yes, I inhaled.  But as someone with incipient asthma, smoking anything isn’t good and the few times I tried it, it only gave me a headache and I didn’t feel “altered” in any way, so why bother?  Sometimes I think the “high” people get is just from doing something “forbidden”. I’ll leave the medical marijuana part out of it, ’cause that’s a whole other thing.  I can just think of a large number of other ways to spend my  hard-earned money.

But I do think that ALL drugs should be made legal, that manufacturing rules/laws should be put into place just like with liquor/beer/wine, that there should be “drug stores” that offer varying strengths of each drug, packaged, labeled , priced and TAXED appropriately. That would effectively end the “war on drugs”, but there will never be an end because it’s in SOMEONE’S better interest to have such a “war” than it is to really solve the problem.

As for me, if all drugs and alcohol disappeared tomorrow, wouldn’t bother me in the slightest.

Coffee on the other hand….




2 thoughts on “30 DOTB – Day 20 – My Views on Drugs/Alcohol

  1. Ahhhh, coffee.

    Just wanted you to know I’ve been reading along and enjoying your daily postings a lot. Haven’t checked in here much but I’ve gotten your posts by email and I am loving your writing exercise! I may borrow it, or portions of it, for the new year.

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