Happy, Merry

Just a quick post to all my wonderful readers and commenters.  I hope you are warm, happy, loved, full of good food and in cozy surroundings today, tomorrow and for as long as you want to be.

I feel very blessed to write this blog and I’ve met some amazing people because of it.

Wherever you are, whatever you’re doing, just remember that this is a magic time of year and beautiful, incredible things can happen in your lives if you will only allow it.

Trust me on this.  I know because it’s happened to me and because I’m a grandmother and grandmothers know everything.

Especially on Christmas!


11 thoughts on “Happy, Merry

  1. Thanks for the wonderful thoughts. I’ve enjoyed your writing so much and have perhaps not commented enough to make that clear to you. Happy holidays to you and my best regards! Peg

  2. You know, I have seen Blithe Spirit as a play (long ago) but never the movie. And Ben Hur?!?!? OMG, one of the BEST. You go!!

  3. Blithe Spirit is just the right combination of drawing room comedy and sardonically morbid humor.

    I came onto Ben Hur just before the big chase so I really have no clue what happened. That was a helluva chase though!!!!!

  4. Okay, you’ve never seen Ben Hur all the way through? ::::THUD:::::sound of a fainting granny. Wow, okay, it’s on Netflix (not instant, sorry), so you must watch it. You just must. It’s epic. Biblical in fact.

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