30 DOTB – Day 23 – Something I Wish I Had Done

The truth is, I’ve done a lot. The truth is, given the constraints of time and money and having to work for a living and being a single parent for a long time, I’ve done a hell of a lot. I honestly believe that if you really, REALLY want to do something, eventually a way will be found to do it.  I planned my trip to Spain for 7 years.  I took my mother to the UK for a month, something she’d always wanted to do and something I never thought I could do, yet when we sat down and said, “In two years, we will  do this,” within the next couple of months the means showed up. Seriously.

I believe that it’s never too late to do the things you want to do. You don’t have to say, oh, I’m too old or too poor or too involved with other things. You CAN do them. It might be in a modified way from what you first thought but you can.

Back in 1980, I wanted to go to the very first launch of the space shuttle.  I figured out a way to do that and I’ll never, ever forget it.

I wanted to go to my first ever WorldCon (science fiction for you non-geeks). I scrimped and saved and went by myself and ended up meeting some of my best friends there.

I wanted to live in New Orleans after I visited it for the first time when I was in college and I moved there a few months later.

I’d always wanted to live in this part of the country and here I am.

There are lots of things on my to do list.  I may not get to all of them, but I plan to be able to look back at my life and list a lot more “dids” that “didn’ts”.

And that’s what counts.


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