30 DOTB – Day 24 – A Playlist

This is supposed to be a play list to “someone”. Thing is, I don’t really know much from playlists, but I wandered around YouTube a bit and found some songs that have always reminded me of certain people in my life.  If you want to listen/watch all of them (there aren’t that many) I think you’ll enjoy them. Otherwise you can pick and choose or skip this whole thing all together.  In any event, since this is kind of a “look-back” post, I thought it was appropriate for New Year’s Eve.  If any of these songs are familiar, enjoy and if not, maybe you’ve found some new faves–or at least something different.

First and foremost, 2 songs that never fail to remind me of my G, one light and “lovey” and the other one a little down and dirty.  From the 2 Melissas–Etheridge and Ferrick:

When You Find The One: (had to use this one because thinking of Melissa and Tammy makes me too sad.)

And “Drive” because with her…whoooooo. Yeah, sing along…

Once upon a time, I heard this song on the way home after I had dropped my daughter off with my ex to spend the summer with him. I had never heard it before but it completely captured the feeling I once had about him and I cried in the car all the way from Tampa to Atlanta.  Even today it makes me tear up because it’s always sad when you love someone who is so wrong for you and you can see how they might have been if only they had been a little stronger or had a couple of better breaks in life.  Thanks to the amazing John Denver. Embedding is disabled, but I hope you will check the link.

This song is for my friend E, who woke me up when I least expected it. Once again, not able to embed.

One of my favorite groups EVER is The Traveling Wilburys. If you know them, you’ll know why. If you don’t, well, find them. This song is for all my friends who’ve traveled some roads with me. And it’s got a TRAIN! Click the link, no embedding. Oh, you have to get past the commercial.  Sorry!

And finally, for Mr. X, who has been crossing my mind for nearly 30 years, 2 songs:  I couldn’t get out of here without at least ONE Lady Gaga song, and this is it for what we had:

And yet another Wilbury song. Please forgive the inane captions. It’s not a video, just the song.

I hope you all celebrate the outgoing year with whatever rituals you choose. G and I are going to a new “fancy” restaurant here for a 5 course dinner and then out to one of our favorite bars where we probably won’t stay till midnight, but it’s the first time we’ve been OUT on NYE ever, so we plan to have FUN.

I wish you all the best in 2011.  Keep reading, Grumpy ain’t going anywhere!




4 thoughts on “30 DOTB – Day 24 – A Playlist

  1. much love and laughter to the two of you in the next year..And you know your loyal readers expect details of your evening out, dont you?


  2. That was a fun playlist.

    John Denver!!! Oh my gosh I grew up on his music – such great stuff. What a class act, that guy. Thanks for bringing back those memories…

    Lady Gaga made me laugh – very funny video, reminds me a bit of the early days of MTV when we used to sit around and STARE at videos over and over. Haha I think Madonna did it better, but that may be just me being older and a little, dare I say it here, grumpy…

    Happy New Year and thanks for the blog, the friendship, and the music!

  3. I was never much of a Madonna fan, but I ADORE Lady Gaga. They’re both brilliant at what they do/did, but Gaga just seems more “approachable” if that makes sense.

    And she and I have had some good, long rides to nowhere on my bike trainer in the garage. I think that would amuse her. 😉


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