30 DOTB – Day 28 – What Would I Do If..

…if I were pregnant or got someone pregnant?  Oh, please, this has got to be the dumbest question on a list like this…ever.  Again, who wrote this, a teenager?  Obviously, if I were to find myself pregnant these days I’d be heading to the tabloids to make a boatload of cash!  Age 54 and a monogamous lesbian for nearly 10 years.  Pregnant?  Call the Pope, it’s a fucking miracle! And if I GOT someone pregnant? Well bring on the turkey baster! 😉

Even though you know my feelings on pregnancy in general, this one gave me a good chuckle.

Two more days to finish this exercise.  Hopefully it will only take me 2 more days.  Thanks for bearing with me!

What’s next? Not sure, more about the life of the grannies or maybe I’ll take a cue from Roxy and do some more stuff with photography.  I’ve been missing playing with the camera lately…

Stay tuned!



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