30 DOTB – Day 29 – Something I Hope to Change About Me

If I am nothing else, I am a work in progress. Nothing about me is set in stone.  Perceptions change, likes and dislikes come and go.  I can’t really say that there’s one huge thing I don’t like that I’d specifically like to change.  I would hope that as time goes on, I simply keep evolving into the best GG I can be.

One of the things I have noticed about people who are older than I am yet often seem quite young, is that they are very flexible.  Not only physically, which also helps, but they manage to keep a flexible mental outlook. They can change with the times.  I hope that I’ve laid a good foundation for myself in that direction.

There are some things I’d like to work on, of course.  In certain areas, I can be an awful procrastinator.  In a work situation, I learned a long time ago to do the things I wanted to LEAST first. If I waited until the time was “right” they never got done. So, even though it wasn’t fun, I learned to get the hard stuff out of the way first and the rest was fine.  I need to apply that to my personal life.  I do it sometimes but not consistently. Baby steps.

I’d like to be more active in the garden with G.  She’d like me out there, for sure.  Perhaps this year, I can get her up earlier and we can work on my mornings off before it gets too hot.  A goal to work toward, for sure.

I continually work on releasing worry, about not projecting the worst scenario possible, especially in regard to my daughter and the GSes. They will all be fine.  Nothing needs to be fixed. Everything is unfolding perfectly. I need to tattoo this somewhere on my body where I can read it every day.

I guess in the long run, I’m not so much hoping to change any one specific thing about me, but simply to remain open to the possibility of change and evolution throughout my entire life.

When I look at all the changes I’ve already been through, and where I am today, it seems like a pretty good plan.




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