30 DOTB – Day 30 – A Love Letter To Me

Dear Me:

First of all, you ROCK! Yes, you do. You are a generalist, multi-tasking  genius of the first order. There isn’t a thing you can’t do once you put your not-inconsiderable mental capacity to it. You may not always want to do something, but you CAN do it if you must.

People have told you that you might have done great things in certain areas if you had been able to focus more tightly.  You, however, see boredom in focus and prefer to taste the entire smorgasbord of life, similar to your heroine, Auntie Mame. “Life is a banquet and most poor suckers are starving to death!” is your code of conduct.  Also, “Why the hell not?”

You know that fear is overrated and once you take the first few steps into it, it most often reveals itself for the mirage it is…something created in your own head to prevent you from being the person you most need to be.  As Vincent Van Gough once said, “No fear!” or was that “No ear!”?

Above all, you can laugh.  Humor is truly the sign of higher intelligence which is why you will never be a Republican–you are both too smart and too funny.

You can rock in the kitchen, on the dance floor and a few other places, too.  Yet, you can maintain your sense of decorum when necessary. You adapt. You persevere.  You conquer.  How is that you aren’t a Marine?

Dear Me, you have used the small talents you were born with, combined them with an undying curiosity and desire to experience life with all your senses and created an existence that really can’t be rivaled.  Of course, there are people with more money, better connections and lots of excess time on their hands.

But I would lay odds to anyone out there that no one has more fun in their life than you do.

You are the BOMB.  I love you!



5 thoughts on “30 DOTB – Day 30 – A Love Letter To Me

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