This Morning

Boys were out of school yesterday for MLK day, a 3-day weekend stuck in their new (tiny) apartment, no real place to play (other places have had parks nearby, etc.), cold weather, icy, wet, etc. still mourning their little dog.  So, after I got off work yesterday, we decided to pick them up. We went shoe shopping. Their feet are growing at an alarming rate.  And of course, now they are “brand conscious” and nothing less would do. Thank God for R0ss!

At least they managed to get 2 different styles–GS1 is moving on and not wanting to be like a “twin” any more.  GS2 was determined that we would buy him shoes that were too small. He could not grasp the concept of “room to grow”.  We managed to prevail over a boy tantrum. Not pretty.

Then, back home and they got to run to the park to play a little bit of basketball until we got the pizza and wings (gramma just didn’t feel like cooking), and then they had to correct homework, and GS2 read me “Ten Apples Up on Top” and indeed read the whole book, and with expression I might add!

Then he hit the hot tub with G and GS1 got to play his computer game while I watched “Harry’s Law” with the inimitable Kathy Bates.  GS2 had long since gone to dream land (he starts yawning about 6 pm and never makes it to 9!).

This morning, I was up made apple turnovers with crescent rolls and scrambled eggs.  GS1 got up at took his shower, and they got some TV time.  Sponge Bob still rules:

Then GS2 (who was always camera shy) decided he wanted to ham it up:

And my GS1 who always WAS the camera hog, seemed a bit shy (or maybe he was still half asleep even after the shower):

After breakfast and grooming, they went out again with jackets and new shoes to play more basketball and got back just in time to go to school.  Mom got a break for the night, we had some fun and we’ll pick them up today to go home and hopefully mom’s W2s will come and she can get her taxes and her car out of hock. In the mean time….boy time was great.



4 thoughts on “This Morning

  1. What handsome little guys!

    They don’t know how lucky they are to have you and G in their lives, and that is just fine. When they are older, they will look back and think about all of the love and security and fun times they had with you. Then they will feel grateful.


  2. Thanks, ladies! They are the best, and I’m only a TEENY bit biased! 😉 They were asking today…how old will you be, gramma, when I’m 25, 30, etc. I told them and they were…that’s so OLD. I just said, wait till you get there…it won’t feel that way. LOL

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